UGREEN USB 2.0 A Male to B Male Printer Cable 3m (Black) 10351

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High Performance for Critical Connection: UGREEN 2.0 USB A Male to B Male Cable is the reliable choice for connecting devices with USB Type B Male ports such as printers, scanners, printer switch hubs, and other legacy devices that are economical to keep as a back-up. Gold-Plated Connector and Foil/Braid Shielding: Corrosion-resistant gold-plated connectors & foil/braid shielding, give this resilient cable long-term use without noise or signal loss.

It also protects against RF/EM interference, keeping a clear signal with little bandwidth loss for high performance. Full USB 2.0 Capability: Full USB 2.0 capability, 480 Mbps data transfer speed & backwards compatibility, faster data transfer speed than most Wi-Fi connections and better security with compatible equipment.

Package Contents:

1 x UGREEN USB 2.0 A Male to B Male Printer Cable 3m Black 10351