Solar Multipurpose Light (3-Piece, White) w/ Screw & Mount, Energy-Saving

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Brighten your days and light up your nights.

Shine a light on hard-to-see areas with these multi-purpose lights.

Attach your new lighting unit with ease to gutters, fences and other convenient areas around your house. These lighting systems are the perfect fit for green thumbs, offering illuminated gardening in low-light. They offer an easy-to-install lighting solution for entertaining, while operating off an entirely natural resource – the sun.

Each LED light will offer an extraordinary 100,000 hours of radiance. Be kind to the environment – and your wallet, too – with this solar-powered system.

Powerful lighting displays don't have to mean exorbitant electricity bills. Our decorative lighting sets contain fully-rechargeable, solar-powered batteries. Enjoy strong, bright lighting without the power plugs.

Brighten up your evening with our solar-powered, multi-purpose lights.