Ritek Ridata DVD+R Double Layer 8x Whitetop Printable 50pcs

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Using RITEK's high quality & reliable organic dye for the recording material, DVD+R DL holds up to 8.5GB of data -- almost double the storage capacity of conventional DVD+R disc. The two layers allow the disc to be read or recorded on one side without turning over the disc. DL media is ideal for large capacity video recording, MP3 audio archiving, data/files backup, DVD-ROM backup, etc!


8.5GB storage capacity with doulbe layer technology

8X writing speed

Inkjet white printable and shiny silver monochrome printable disc are also available

Premium burning and recording quality

Low BLER (block error rate)

UV and heat resistance

Compatible with most readers and writers (Check compatibility reference)

One-year manufactuer's limited warranty


Capacity : 8.5GB

Speed : 8X

Recording Material : Premium Organic Dye

Recording Wavelength : 650nm

Diameter : 120mm

Thickness : 1.2 mm (0.6mm x 2)

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1x Ritek Ridata DVD+R Double Layer 8x Whitetop Printable 50pcs