Life Size Flexible Vertebral Spine Pelvis & Femur Skeleton Model Anatomy Model

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Science and biology teachers, human anatomy and physiology professors, nurses, doctors, physical therapists, physical trainers, and chiropractors all need visual aids to teach their students and patients about how the human body works and how to avoid injury to bones and joints. With this life-size model of the human spine, pelvis, and femur from Randy & Travis Machinery, you'll have a teaching tool that students or patients can touch as well as see. For kinaesthetic learners, that's a game-changer. The more senses you involve in the learning process, the more effective your communication will be.

This flexible model moves just like a human spine, allowing teachers, students, and healthcare professionals to position the spine in various ways, enabling the kind of hands-on learning that you can't duplicate with illustrations in a book. This model includes not only the bones themselves, but also related systems within the vertebrae: the spinal cord, nerve roots, nerve branches, the vertebral artery, and the vertebral notch. It even displays a herniated (ruptured) disc, a common – and painful – vertebral injury. It includes the sacrum and occipital bone to show how everything is connected. It features articulated femur heads to mimic natural movement. Crafted from top-quality plastic resin and hand-finished, this model is paintable, stainable, sandable, and drillable. With its 86-cm high stand, it makes a great display in the classroom or in exam rooms. Don't miss out on this amazing teaching tool. Order one today!

Features and specifications:

  • Material: Plastic resin
  • Colour: Bone
  • Height: 74 cm
  • Height with stand: 86 cm
  • Accessories: Chrome stand
  • Paintable, stainable, drillable, and sandable
  • Articulated femur joints for natural movement

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