Hot Laminator (A4)

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Your first completed qualification, your child's first crayon-scribbled picture or an old memory stored in sepia in an antique photo - all of these are memories to be kept forever. But as hard as we try to avoid it, all memories fade with time. With this easy-to-use lightweight laminator, you can keep your memories safer for longer.

Laminators are not relegated to office printing rooms or library spaces - take home your own, memory-preserving machine with this simple one-button press system. It is straightforward to use with the red power indicator coupled with the green ready indicator.

Enjoy A4 laminating to secure any treasured item in a tight, safe laminated seal. This hot laminator provides for a sheet thickness of 80-100 microns. Use the smart guides printed directly onto the laminator for each size document to be laminated including A4, A6 and business card entry guides.

This twin-roller powered laminator processes sheets at speeds of 300mm per minute, with a ready time of 3 minutes. Laminating pouches are available for purchase separately through our website.

Preserve the most special of moments and documents with this sleek, efficient hot laminator in A4-size, 238mm entry width.