Gardeon Snake Repeller 10X Multi Pulse Ultrasonic Battery Powered Pest Repellent

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Weatherproof and eco-friendly with its ABS plastic construction, our Gardeon Snake Repeller keeps out not only snakes but also other garden pests such as moles, rats and mice safely and humanely. It does so by emitting a sonic pulse and vibration through the ground to deter their presence. While each snake repeller has an effective range of up to 40m in diameter, you can extend that coverage through the use of multiple repellers to provide a formidable barrier. They are also portable to bring along to camping trips for peace of mind. Suitable for your garden, yard, farm and orchard, the snake repeller works 24/7 and up to six months with good quality batteries (not included).

Note: This product is effective on reducing the risk of snake encounter. However, it does not replace taking other precautions such as cutting long grass and wearing appropriate footwear and clothing while you are outside.

High-quality heavy-duty ABS plastic
New sonic pulse and vibration technology
Easy and safe to use
Wireless and convenient
24/7 operation
Frequency range: 400Hz +/- 50Hz

Brand: Gardeon
Material: ABS plastic
Battery: 4pcs 1.5V D-size battery (not included)
Coverage range: 40m diameter
Repeller type: Moles/Mice/Rats/Snakes
Frequency: 400Hz +/- 50Hz
Working duration: Depends on battery, about 6 months with good quality batteries
Switch: No on/off switch

Product Contents:
10 x SnakeRepeller