Electric Aquarium Fish Tank Cleaner Water Exchanger Siphon Vacuum Sand Cleaner

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Easy installation (Display on the packing box)
Press the on/off button , the water in aquarium will be pumped out automatically through a hose for changing water.
Adjustable height by Three interchangeable pipes of 18cm, suitable for both shallow and deep aquarium
With this tool, you can remove the dirt from the bottom of your aquarium.And you can exchange the water in the fish tank,too
Linked accessories(Sand Washing Cover),you can clean the sand and stone at the bottom of the fish tank
A strong pump easily removes particles from topmost layer of substrate without disturbing the bottom layer of gravel.

Model: HXS-03
Material: ABS Plastic and Electronic Components
Anti-skid Handle
Filter :Filter Cotton
H-Max (Lift height) : Max1.9M
Flow Rate:1000L/H
Normal Water Depth: 400mm
Maximum Water Depth: 760mm
Separate Water Pump(Fully Submersible)
Voltage :AC220-240V/50Hz

Package Included:
1 x Fish Tank Cleaner Set