3-in-1 HEPA Robot Vacuum with Mop

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Clean-up is both effortless and easy with this high powered 3-in-1 HEPA Robot Vacuum with Mop. Call out to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home, or push a button on the downloadable smartphone app or included remote control to power up and get started.

Enjoy 2kPa 3-speed suction power alongside with dual side vacuum brushes and a central operational vacuum brush to get the ultimate clean on both carpets and hard floors. This intelligent robo-vac uses gyroscope navigation and mapping to provide four easy route types - room, spot, auto and edges cleaning. The room route is for single room cleaning, the spot route cleans a specified one-square metre area, the auto route uses a zig zag motion to run over the area twice and the edges route runs around the edges and petametres of the area three times.

The powerful, rechargeable 14.4V 2500mAh lithium battery charges within 4-5 hours and runs on an average time of 90-140 minutes per use. With a 600mL dustbin capacity and a 350mL water tank capacity attachment, this 3-in-1 smart vac will auto detect the attachment and sweep, mop or vacuum - all available in the four pre-programmed route modes. Enjoy an extra spare vacuum brush set and an extra spare mop included in the box, so a thorough clean is available at just the simple swap of an accessory.

The quiet operation runs less than 65dB while packing in an array of smart infrared sensors including five pairs of obstacle detection sensors, anti-collision sensors, stairway-safe anti-fall sensors and soft cushion bumpers. The brushless motor and wheels provide lower noise levels, durability, stability, as well as a longer run-time and lifetime.

Take it up a level with a range of extra benefits and controls through the downloadable smartphone app including power, standby, room route, spot route, auto route, edges route, manual controls, directional keys, scheduling programmability and an auto-return recharge to the charging dock base when low on battery power.

Enjoy a 15° climbing angle to get onto area carpets up to 1.5-centimetres with a stronger drive force, so no areas of the floor are left out. Have an ease of mind with an upgraded charging dock base for improved detection accuracy.

The built-in removable HEPA filter captures the smallest particles of dust to help calm those with asthma and allergies. Compared to a traditional vacuum that leaves a decent percentage of dust particles behind, this is a crucial reason to upgrade to the robot vacuum cleaner.

Emptying the bagless dustbin is also simple and straightforward. Lift the dustbin straight out of the top of the robot vacuum and empty the dust contents into the bin - it's that easy. When the HEPA filter needs a cleaning, just wash and air dry it overnight. No need to purchase an endless supply of vacuum bags.

Complete with a missed-area cleaning inspection, this 3-in-1 HEPA Robot Vacuum with Mop is efficient and affordable for both homes and offices.